About Us

About Us

Trippytourism is starring experts in making VIP Ticket and Official Tickets available for the events that would take place in some of the Europe and UK’s most exciting cities.


For the one’s looking for greater adventure, there are other destinations like New York and other American Cities, which are featured regularly in addition to other huge events featured worldwide.


Our range of products let in, day events to 1,2 or three night plans in hotels, good standard and comfortable. Longer stays aren’t a problem at all.


Our Awe-inspiring VIP TICKET EXPERIENCES can count the ultimate ticket experience of different events like meet and greet with band and artists or an invite to Soundcheck where you get to see all before it opens for the public.


With us you’ll get the perk of early entrance which will let you to experience front floor locations. Also you get to experience Hot Seat which includes some of the best tickets including Exclusive merchandise and front row.


We let you enjoy the luxury and the comfort of Pre and Post hospitality of the accommodation arrangements we do. If we look at our hotel services, it includes great ticket locations for a show, event or concert.


We get you the stay at one of best in world, making the stay super amazing and special for you.

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