Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

If there is any issue like bad weather or unstable climatic conditions, any social/political issue, there will be an alteration in the flights. In case, if these situations will go beyond the control, then there is a single option will remain that is cancellation of the tickets which have confirm bookings. We do efforts to lessen these types of situations but sometimes we cant do anything.


When we have to dome changes or cancellations, then that time we have to create some most important changes. This kind of change are made before the departure as per your information which you find at the time of booking flights tickets.


After changes or any cancellations we inform the customers as soon s possible. Even after changes we provide all the information and data to the customers of changing routes or other dates and in the same budget which you already paid. Before departure of the flight we offere some option which are mentioned below to pick from.


  1. Approval of the alterations
  2. You can purchase another trip on same cost rather than original booking. This option will be recognize as a new purchase and we will provide you refund or compensation as per the situation.

If in case, airlines will do any alterations or cancellations which are not our control. In these kinds of situations we can’t refund you.




For any type of cancellations you must have to cancel over the phone via call only. And after canceling your bookings, we will notify via an email which will acknowledge your request. But this kind of notifications will not stand for that we will refund you. First we work over suppliers and according to the rules of air fare, we will take a decision. And after all the process, in case refund is applicable, then we will provide you in 6 to 7 business days.


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